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Assistant Designer Televisions: (Pilot) / Micheal Robin / Bill Haber, Jeff Hayes / CBS, CW / CD Caroline Marx

Biography | Michelle A. Green

Michelle Green first discovered her love for Costumes at a young age, when she ran across a holiday film on one winter day called White Christmas. When she saw the designs of Edith Head, that was all it took, she would forever have the love of fashion, design and costumes in her heart. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Michelle started out as a Fine Art Artist. After attending one of the best high schools that specializes in design she graduated from Syracuse University in New York with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design Technology with a concentration in Costume Design. Michelle also studied abroad at the renowned London College of Fashion and was an assistant to an outstanding European Designer. Upon gradation she spent the next 2 years as a Theatrical Costume Designer working for various Houston Theaters. In 2007 Michelle moved to Los Angeles, California where she is continuously working on various projects including Film, Television, Web, and Print. As a designer Michelles passion and beliefs in costumes capacity to transform and create character is the driving force behind every project and designs. Costumes have the ability to spotlight the hero before he speaks or the villain before he hits. They tell a story before the narrator begins by illustrating the period, culture, place and season. Michelle is currently being represented by All Crew Agency.


2920 West Olive Avenue Suite 201 Burbank CA 91505

(818) 395-3670  |

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